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PIDI : XFur Studio 2 – Ultimate Edition

Download PIDI: XFur Studio 2 – Ultimate Edition FREE Unity. 

XFur Studio 2 is the ultimate fur rendering system for Unity.

The next evolution of 2018’s Unity Awards nominated XFur Studio, the brand new XFur Studio 2 has been re-written from the ground up for extreme performance, quality and ease of use.

XFur Studio 2 allows you to add realistic, fully customizable and efficient GPU accelerated fur simulations compatible with all platforms and rendering pipelines* to your game within seconds and in just a few clicks

Features :

• NEW ! Emissive Fur effects
• NEW ! Redesigned and improved rendering in all pipelines
• NEW ! Translucency and anisotropic highlights support in all pipelines
• NEW ! Improved UI and support for Light & Dark Unity themes
• NEW ! Support for URP and HDRP 10.x in Unity 2020.3 LTS
• Highly detailed and customizable Curly fur
• Fur strand maps can be procedurally generated within the Unity Editor and exported as PNG files.
• Advanced fur rendering for forwarding and Deferred
• Full lighting and shadows support on a per-instance and per-material basis
• Unparalleled performance and quality
• Highly rated customer support, full documentation, and extensive video tutorials
• Compatible with VR, AR, and mobile*
• Design tools included to edit, paint, shave and groom the fur all within the Unity editor
• Highly scalable, from low detail fur for mobile games to extremely high resolution for close-ups and cinematics
• Dynamic LOD management
• Post Process support *
• Compatible with HDRP and Universal RP
• GPU accelerated fur physics simulation on all platforms, even mobile
• Snow coverage/melting simulation
• Other visual FX such as rain and blood are also supported
• Fur can be groomed in any direction
• Fur painting, editing, shaving, and grooming supported at runtime through an easy to use API
• Basic fur editing at runtime can be done through 3D brushes, with no coding required.
• Source code included

Notices :

This tool is not designed for human hair but rather for animal/creature fur