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PIDI – Planar Reflections 2.0

Download PIDI – Planar Reflections 2.0 Free Unity. 

PIDI – Planar Reflections 2 is a tool that allows you to quickly and cheaply add real-time reflections to flat surfaces across your scenes with full shadows support, an easy to use interface and high performance. Be it mirrors, water surfaces, marble floors or any other reflective surface, our tool will help you bring life to your scenes in no time. Including all the features from the original release this fully-featured version also includes a dedicated version of Planar reflections designed to work with the brand new Lightweight SRP in Unity 2018.1+* This tool also fully supports Desktop platforms, Android, Daydream, CardboardVR, HoloLens and Ocluus Rift*!

Features :

– Support for Post Process Stack v1 effects applied directly to the reflection itself

– Lightweight ready shaders are fully editable in the Amplify Shader Editor

– Reflection planes can reflect shadows

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