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PIDI – 2D Reflections

Download PIDI – 2D Reflections FREE Unity. 

PIDI 2D Reflections 2 is the most efficient and complete solution to add real-time reflections to your 2D games in Unity.

A full redesign of the original release, packed with impressive new features, amazing performance and an easy workflow as well as support for many high end effects such as masking, fading, Post Process Stack v2, Universal RP and more, PIDI 2D Reflections 2 is the only tool you need for all your 2D reflection needs.

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Features :

• Full source code access
• Easy workflow to add reflections to any scene in less than 5 minutes
• Post Process Stack v2 support without additional setups
• Parallax backgrounds support
• Masked reflections (* limited in Universal RP)
• Reflection fading
• Ultra-optimized simple shader based reflection
• Lit and unlit shader variants compatible with standard geometry and sprites
• Support for skewed reflections
• Support for custom shaders
• Advanced 2D water shader
• Reflections on any direction
• Support for any mobile device with RenderTexture support.
• Universal RP Support, including the new 2D lighting system (Unity 2019.4.x only)
• 2.5D demo and optimized reflections (in the Standard / Built in pipeline only)
• In-depth documentation, simple tutorials and integrated help.