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Physics Tank Maker

Download Physics Tank Maker FREE Unity. 

Physics Tank Maker can be used as a template to create tank battle games.
Please try the Playable Demo 3.2.1. All the scenes and tanks are included.
Also can be used as a tool to build physics vehicles with a various crawler tracks.

As a template, it provides a variety of features for games as follows.
– Camera functions [rotation (third person, first person), zoom, pop-up, avoid obstacle]
– Aiming functions [free aiming, reticle, lead-marker]
– Damage system [hit-points(turret, body, tracks), weak / strong points, breakable turret, breakable and repairable tracks]
– AI system [patrol waypoints, detection, tracking, lead-shooting, etc]
– Event system [3 triggers (time, destroy, collision), 7 events (spawn, message, change settings, remove, support fire, destroy, result)]
– Indicators [position, state, speed, hit-points]
– Tank editor [appearance, driving, turret, gun, sound, etc]
– Finished tank prefabs [Cromwell, Firefly, Moser Karl, KV-I, KV-II, Panzer-IV, Sdkfz251(half-track), T-34-76, T-34-85, T-35(multiple turrets), Tiger-I, Type-89(JP)]

As a tool for creating physics vehicles…
– 3 types of track systems [physics(heavy), static(balanced), scroll(light)]
– Wheels editor [road wheels (with suspension), idler wheels, sprocket wheels, support wheels, steered wheels]
– Driving settings [speed, acceleration, brake-turn, pivot-turn]