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Photorealistic lights IES 1.2.5

Download Photorealistic lights IES 1.2.5 Free Unity

This package allows you to greatly improve the look of your indoor lighting and achieve a higher level of realism.

It does this by creating both spotlight and point light cookies that are direct copies of real-life lamps, straight from the manufacturers – the so-called “IES” photometry. IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society – .ies files are a worldwide standard for sharing measurements of how and where a lamp shines. If you would like more info on IES, the asset in general, and download samples, you can visit the asset’s site.

Photorealistic lights IES Key features:

• Improve the quality of your indoor scenes at zero performance cost by simply applying a cookie to your point and spotlights.
• Bundled with 60 sample files of real-life luminaires, so you can immediately upgrade the visual quality of your scenes.
• Can import any kind of .ies file, architectural and automotive, including entire folder hierarchies. These files are widely available, free of charge.
• Create spotlight and point light cookie assets directly in the editor at the click of a button, so you can easily integrate them into your projects.
• Import .ies files at runtime with a single function call.
• A unique “enhanced” import mode that really brings out the beauty of Photorealistic lights.
• Raw HDR import of IES data to give full artistic control, allowing the creation of greatly detailed cookies.
• Tested with over 10 thousand IES files from various manufacturers.
• Bundled with a sample scene with an antique wall lamp.
• Compatible with Unity 5 and above.