Photon Rally Tutorial

Download Photon Rally Tutorial FREE Unity. 

PUN Rally is a complete base project for a multiplayer combat racing game using Photon, the most popular network platform for Unity.

The project includes all sources and a 30+ pages illustrated tutorial book (PDF) explaining its use of realistic physics, dead-reckoning, checkpoint-based positions, power-ups, weapons and several other important features of multiplayer games, such as lobby control, car-selection and server-synced race-start.


Realistic physics based on standard colliders, wheel-colliders and rigidbody.
Detailed suspension movement.
Real-time race synchronization over the internet using PUN (Photon Unity Network).
Dead-reckoning techniques to smoothly deal with latency.
(new) Complete weapon system (with ammo, network sync and multiple weapons)
(new) Extensible power-ups system with sample increase, decrease speed and weapon ammo reloads
Server-synced start and grid spawns.
Checkpoint-based race management (positions, laps, finish, etc).
Custom car selection

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Now download Photon Rally Tutorial FREE Unity

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