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Perfect Culling – Occlusion Culling System

Perfect Culling enables you to bake pixel perfect occlusion data for prefabs and your scene. It works by assigning unique colors to all renderers and taking pictures from multiple perspectives. At the end the colors found in the images allow the asset to tell whether a renderer was visible or not.

You can take a break while Perfect Culling does all the hard work for you. You will come back to pixel perfect occlusion culling data with little to no performance overhead at runtime.

– Supports LODs
– Supports transparency
– Compatible with built-in and URP/HDRP
– Compatible with VR (Multiview, Single Pass Instanced, Multipass, etc)
– Very performant
– Support for baking prefabs that are spawned dynamically
– Support for multiple cameras
– Full C# source included
– Support for all platforms including mobile and of course VR
– For Windows users optional native baking tool for up to four times faster bakes
– Multi-scene setups supported since version 1.1.2
– Easy setup
– Documentation
– API to integrate into your build pipeline
– Demo scenes
– No warnings generated by the asset source code (file a bug report if you run into one)
– Support via mail and forum

– Requires baked scene/prefabs to work and does not allow to bake at run-time
– 2D Sprites are not supported

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