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Perception 2 | Game Creator 2 by Catsoft Works

Let characters see, hear and smell the world around them

This module requires Game Creator 2 in order to work.

Make your characters undestand the world around them using the Perception component.

This component allows to add multiple sensors that allow characters to read the scene and react accordingly.

The Sight sensor lets characters see tracked objects in front of them. Includes a primary and peripheral vision cone that changes detection speed as objects are further away.

Light can optionally affect how much can characters see other objects using the Luminance system.

The Hearing sensor allows characters to react to noises. Each noise can have its own tag and intensity, and can be masked by ambient noise (called Din).

The Smell sensor makes characters able to catch scents left by other objects and follow trails like a breadcrumb path.

All these sensors contribute to a general Awareness meter which indicates how aware a character is of another game object.