Per-Vertex Ambient Occlusion And Indirect Lighting Generator

Download Per-Vertex Ambient Occlusion And Indirect Lighting Generator FREE Unity. 

Tool for fast generating per-vertex
Ambient Occlusion and Indirect Lighting.

Includes two types of Ambient Occlusion solvers:
1) Raycast – calculates physically correct results with controllable ray count per vertex. Runs on any device.
2) Occlusion Render – algorithm can interact with environment objects. Requires render textures support.

Both solvers support ‘dirt texture’ with controllable shadow color and intensity.

Indirect Lighting is generated optionally from custom cubemap or from scene skybox.

Works in editor and run-time.
For Unity 4(Free and Pro) and Unity 5.

Editor tool saves generated data inside mesh vertex color and instantiates ready to use prefab inside scene. Can handle gameobjects with any complex hierarchy.
Run-time script returns generated data as per-vertex Color[] array.

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