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Developer Tools for Game Creator 1

The Developer Tools for Game Creator 1 is an add-on to the features of Game Creator 1. It contains:

⚡ Time Manager System for Persistent Worlds
⚡ Click to Spawn Objects or Prefabs
⚡ In-Game Debug Console
⚡ In-Game Event Console
⚡ Console Administration Control
⚡ Command Template Script
⚡ In-Game Screen Capture
⚡ Low Res & High Res Images
⚡ Thumbnail Generation
⚡ Mobile Support
⚡ and more…

Components are activated and controlled using Game Creator Actions, or Drag and Dropped, no coding is required.

With this Asset, you get:

⚡ 4 Major Categories
⚡ 3 Prefab GameObjects
⚡ 19 Configurable Command Scripts
⚡ 10 New GC Actions
⚡ 1 New GC Condition
⚡ 7 Detailed Example Scenes

Online Documentation and Tutorials can be found at

NOTICE: These Tools are an essential extension for Game Creator. They will not work without Game Creator being installed first.