PBR Doors pack

Download PBR Doors pack FREE Unity. 

PBR Doors pack contains 15 different customizable door models. The doors are animated and scripted. You have a lot of options that allow you to make infinite variations of these doors.

Instead of a thousand words,
try this -WebGL-demo of the editor-

Main features:
– 15 door models with animation;
– 300-1000 tris per door;
– 2k PBR textures;
– 1 door = 1 draw call;
– easy to use and flexible door editor;
– padlock model with two animations: opening and breaking by shot or kick;
– demo sound FX.

Kinds of doors:
– 4 medival doors (2 metal doors, 2 wooden doors);
– 8 modern wooden doors;
– 1 iron rusted door with a grid;
– 1 armature door with rust;
– 1 garage door.

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