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Welcome to Path Painter, the path creation system for Unity 3D.

Whether you are making a road, a ramp, a path or a river, Path Painter makes terrain-based path creation and texturing a breeze!

Allows you to:
– Create paths;
– Create ramps;
– Create roads;
– Create plateaus for secret forts;
– Create a lake and river beds;
– Change terrain elevation along a path;
– Re-texture along path embankments;
– Clear grass and trees along a path;
– Use various algorithms for natural clearing;
– Standard Unity terrain is compatible!

It is a collaboration between Frank Slater and Procedural Worlds, and we are very excited to be working together.

Note: This asset is provided in DLL form rather than with source code. If you would also like to purchase the source then please contact us directly.

Our Product Suite:
A world generation system for creating, texturing, planting and populating scenes from low poly mobile, VR and through to high-end desktop.

A sophisticated localised level design tool that augments Gaia’s broad brush strokes, by working intuitively to give fine-grained control.

A powerful and easy to use road and river bed painting system for Unity 3D.

Nominated by Unity of as one of the best assets in 2017, a PBR terrain shading system that significantly improves terrain look, performance and usability.

A suite of performance-enhancing tools that enable open-world streaming, massive mobile games and includes the latest techniques in audio occlusion and propagation.

A system that can drive anything along a path. Great for cut-scenes, and even has an ambient ai that supports formations, animation and local avoidance for your npc’s and animals!

NOTE: Path Painter does not create meshes, so if you are making rivers you would typically also use another tool as well to shade the river component.

Price 37$ on Unity Asset Store:

Now Download Path Painter FREE Unity and also some cool terrain system.

Download  For Free.unitypackage – 20,23MBDownload
Download  For Free.unitypackage – v1.2.1Download

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