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Party Monster Rumble Polyart

Download Party Monster Rumble Polyart Free Unity. 

Best modular characters pack for your survival/party/brawl games with full list of animations in polyart style.

– Highly customizable with many modular parts and weapons ( 6 bodies, 10 body parts, 7 tails, 10 gloves, 15 eyes, 15 mouth and noses, 21 head parts )

– MaskTintShader for Built in / URP(11.0.0) / HDRP(11.0.0) provided

– Various animations(35) including in-place, root-motion animations fully compatible with Mecanim Humanoid.

– Optimized for mobile games(low poly), one 512×512 atlased textures for all modular parts.

Number of textures : 1 texture for default polyart, 4 textures for MaskTint polyart

Texture sizes : 512 x 512

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