Particle Dynamic Magic 2: Decal, Spline, AI Particles & dynamics

Download Particle Dynamic Magic 2: Decal, Spline, AI Particles & dynamics FREE Unity. 

Particle Dynamic Magic 2 is a dynamic decal, particle, and spline creation & manipulation framework that allows creative, performant, and unique control of particles & game objects in Unity.

Windows Demos:
Main v2.4 Demo | v2.4 AMOEBA Demo Angry Bots Demo v2.4 | v1.2 Main Demo

The new Particle Dynamic Magic 2 version offers ultimate performance with Multithreading, Single pool distribution methods, and custom Static/Dynamic batching.

Particle Dynamic Magic can process and create particles from Splines, images, meshes (static, moving skinned/animated, procedural), painted, propagated, projected, and Shuriken positions.

Manipulators can interact with particles, alter their behavior by adding various types of forces (Gravity, Turbulence, Vortexes, Repel-Attract) and change their properties (e.g. color, size)

Splines are fully supported in play mode and can be set up for physics-based effects (emulating tentacles, hair, rubber) and manipulation by the user directly in the game.

All features can be previewed in the editor and work together for combination effects. The Spline editor allows direct spline creation, editing, and manipulation in both editors and plays modes.

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