You are currently viewing Palette Fusion (Texture Color Palette Optimizer & Compressor)

Palette Fusion (Texture Color Palette Optimizer & Compressor)

This asset is an all in one, Texture Atlasing, Lossless Texture Compression and Texture Fusion that is dedicated to work on solid color palettes. This results in massive performance gains!

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This asset compresses and fuses texture color palette into a single texture/material. The new texture is extremely efficient, whereby every color region will be represented by a single pixel, furthermore, that one pixel can be shared by multiple objects making this extremely efficient while at the same time reduce project/application size drastically.

This also improves performance and fulfils two of the criteria’s for dynamic batching. Additionally, the option to have multiple copies of the same color per model is available which allows you to make endless grouping.

The use cases for this asset is unrivalled amongst other texture Atlasing tools as this asset only focuses on solid color palettes generally used by Low-Poly models.


Even though this asset can be used as a standalone, it also complements our Colorize tool which can be purchased separately.




-Greatly improve performance

-Greatly reduce build size

-Absolute texture Atlasing

-The only texture Atlasing tool that reduces texture size

-Lossless Texture compression

-Mass compress many textures Into a single texture

-Smart Shader conversion (E.g. BiRP-Standard -> URP-Lit)

-Will Reduce Draw calls using Dynamic Batching where applicable

-Auto assigns created material and texture

-Works with both Meshes and skinned Meshes

-Can be used as a standalone

-Works great with and enhances our Colorize tool (Texture Modifier)

-Able to merge duplicated colors (Optional)

-Able to group colors (Optional)

-Auto grouping (Optional)

-Manual grouping (Optional)