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Paint in 3D

Download Paint in 3D FREE Unity. 

Paint in 3D allows you to paint all the textures applied to your models – either in the editor, or at runtime.

Here is a list of the main features currently in Paint in 3D:

• Full Material Support – Allows you to paint any texture applied to your mesh (as long as it’s read/writable), including Albedo, Normal, Illumination, and other textures.

• Many Example Scenes (NEW) – Show you how to do common tasks like shooting holes in walls, pointing painted pixels, etc.

• No Colliders Required – Means you can paint objects in your scene right away, without having to add MeshColliders to everything.

• Full C# Source Code – Allows you to look at and tweak any code you like, just like with all my other assets.

• Custom Raycaster (NEW) – Allows you to raycast through holes in your textures – great for bullets and laser beams.

• Find Nearest (NEW) – Allows you to paint the nearest surface to a point at runtime – great for paint brushes, and other advanced painting effects.

• Find Perpendicular (NEW) – Allows you to paint surfaces perpendicular to a point – great for fireballs, and other advanced effects.

• Particle Collisions (NEW) – Allow you to apply paint when a particle system’s particle hits a collider – great for spray paint, smoke, and other effects.

• Rigidbody Collisions (NEW) – Allow you to apply paint when a Rigidbody hits something – great for body parts, vehicle impacts, etc.

• Material Layering – Allows you to paint dirt, blood, and other effects on top of your existing materials – great if you need to calculate how much paint is applied to an object.

• Skinned Mesh Painting – Allows you to paint animated meshes both in the editor, and at runtime.

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