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Dynamic surface wetness
(Limited to deferred rendering path or custom shaders)
OverCloud supports modifying albedo and gloss of surfaces below rainy clouds, and can dynamically occlude wetness from surfaces that should be protected from rain (such as inside a building or under a protruding cliff). It also features animated rain ripples.

Customizable performance
OverCloud has a scalable quality system which is tweakable per-camera. Want to render just the clouds or atmospheric scattering? Want to have high-resolution clouds in your main camera but low-res ones in another? No problem!

Made for VR
OverCloud was born out of the need for a robust volumetric sky solution for a virtual reality project. All effects are stereo-compatible and VR performance has been at the forefront of the development at all times (supports multi-pass and single-pass stereo).

Forward or deferred
OverCloud works in both forward and deferred rendering paths. Some effects are limited to deferred (cloud AO and dynamic wetness) but can be implemented in forward if you are using custom shaders.

Full Source Code
All code is written in C# and HLSL, and is fully accessible and commented.

Floating origin support
OverCloud features a set of functions for moving the rendering origin of the world, a must if you are creating huge worlds in Unity.

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