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⚡ Cull, deactivate or activate, adjust quality basing on distance or visibility.
Do it on anything inside scenes of your project!
Give your game more FPS and be able to arrange more details!

⚙ Optimizers can optimize almost everything, things like Lights, Particle Systems, Multiple Terrains, Renderers, NavMesh Agents, Script Components and more!
Just add optimizer to your game object, select components of which you won’t change quality. Define distances and percentage amount of parameters you want to change when reaching certain LOD levels, now your optimizer is ready!

✍ Optimizers system is using Unity’s CullingGroups API and other smart techniques to keep optimization logics in the most performant way.
With easy to use Optimizers’ custom inspector window you will set up your Level Of Detail settings without the need to know much about optimizing.
In another hand it can be used by programmers as a framework to create own optimization methods and use optimizers as a system to handle settings for different LOD levels, handling culling states logics etc.
(Don’t get it wrong! The package is not generating lower LOD levels for meshes or so, it’s changing parameters of components/disabling/enabling to give more optimization)

⌛ Save a lot of time by package’s automatic operations. There is a lot of stuff going on doing many things for you automatically or by pressing special buttons. When you need to have a few LOD Levels, all parameters are adjusted automatically and if you need more customization you can edit them after that.

☄️ Apply package components to static or dynamic objects.
Apply different settings when the object is hidden behind the wall, cull if behind a wall and a bit further, you have a lot of possibilities to adjust optimization behaviors for your project. The manager is progressively and intelligently adapting its CPU usage to the project’s global performance. When you will use tons of dynamic optimizer objects it’s update rate will imperceptibly slow down to never take any FPS from your project by its work, only give more!

⚡ Optimizers Demo Builds
Noticeable differences in performance depend on your equipment:
.Exe(64) WebGL .APK

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