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OneRig – VR Rig Builder

The fastest way to create a fully functional VR rig with almost any model.

OneRig is an easy way to create virtual reality rigs for your own project. It is very beginner-friendly and builds upon Unity’s XR Interaction toolkit and XR plugin.

Watch Project Setup Video Before Import!


Create a rigged character within seconds using any human model.
Video Tutorials
Works with Mixamo characters.
Beginner friendly.
Integrates with Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit.
Two different rig options.
Kinematic Hands (Fasted tracking no collisions)
Physics-Based Hands (Collidable Hands)
Rig modifier to help modify the rig to suit your needs.
One and two-handed grabbing.
Distance grabbing.
Procedural Grip (Auto poser)
15+ Generic game objects.
IK Arms.
Grab and release events for your custom code.
Multiple grab options.

Future Features