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Make your own GUI in One Minute! How? Thanks to One Minute GUI it’s child’s play! Especially for you, we created Simple UI elements, that come together with our Menu Manager Plugin and the new Unity GUI system. It’s super easy to use! Inside the package, you will find full Documentation. Making fast and simple GUI was never so easy! 

Simple UI Elements:
50+ Icons | 30+ Unity GUI Components | 20+ Buttons | 10 Menus | Ready-Made Menu Example | Menu Manager Plugin | Hover & Menu Transitions & Animations | Custom Font | One Sound

Menu Manager Plugin:
We are especially proud of our easy-to-use Menu Manager Plugin. With it, you can easily create transitions between your menus and quickly create a fully working menu flow. On top of that, the Script is integrated with Unity Animator and Unity GUI system. Use it with build-in GUI Button OnClick() Event, just select your Button and Menu destination. Use Mecanim states for animations.

Features :
• Quickly create awesome looking Simple UI Menu
• Constant updates and new features
• Active development & support
• Easy to use for beginners and professionals