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Old Town Kit

Old Town is a large package consisting of old wooden type looks, and log cabin housing. This package is yet another fully modular package that I’ve created for you. And is great for creating a large amount of different medieval or fantasy scenes!

This package with its initial release comes with over 215+ Modular prefabs. Everything shown in version 1.0 demo scenes, screenshots, and videos, share only one texture layout at 1024 res. This kit has great qualities, great for any game type or platform, while keeping low on the draw calls, and having excellent frame rates.

Videos below are as follows:
– 1st video showcasing a final look at the package of two demo scenes included, along with custom nature and tree models.
– 2nd video showcasing a look at one demo scene, using Speed Tree models (NOT INCLUDED) to showcase how well this package can blend with external sources.
– 3rd video showcasing a quick and simple speed look at one house module being built, and showing all of its components.


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