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Office Setting Furniture Bundle

Download Office Setting Furniture Bundle FREE Unity. 

Create your own office level with our Office Assets Set, which is optimized for mobile applications due to it being modeled in Low Polygon mesh. This package also contains usual items and furniture typically find in an office setting.

Included are 3 stock layout offices (Large, Medium and Small) as well as the non arranged assets so designers can create or reproduce their own office settings.

The assets are arranged in logical groups (such as computer items) which have their own associated unique and original textures.

Assets include:
a) UV group 1
-Cubicles (both standard, and L-shaped)
-Paperwork (piles)
-Filing folders

b) UV group 2
-Standard monitors
-Standard keyboard
-Monitor CPU
-Monitor CPU keyboard

c) UV group 3
-Conference room table
-Conference phone
-Reception desk*
-Executive desk
-filing cabinets
-Storage boxes

d) UV group 4
-Water dispenser*
-Coffee maker*
-Pantry sink
-Hanging cabinet
-Bread toaster
-Refrigerator / Freezer

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