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Office Meeting – Mocap Animation Pack

OFFICE MEETING Animations – Working in an Office Place attending a Meeting, large or intimate. Standing and leading the group or Listening, Discussing, interacting in various ways.

INCLUDING: Sitting, Standing, Presenting, Listening, Talking, Agreeing, Dissagreeing, Angry, Board, Conversing, to Left, Right & Forward, Clapping, Hand-Shakes, Drinking Coffee

Bring your Board Room to life with these office meeting animations. Participants listen, discuss, agree and disagree, shake hands, hand out reports, get up and make presentations, and many more. Fingers animated expressively. Many variations of activities and interactions.Sitting as well as standing presentor animations.

Fill your meeting scene with a variety of engaged employees.
Fingers animated expressively.
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Office Meeting Animation List
Latest MotusMan_V55 Skeleton and Avatar
All animations set as Humanoid.

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