Off-road Vehicle Physics Kit

Download Off-road Vehicle Physics Kit FREE Unity. 

Off-road vehicle physics kit is a set of scripts and models simulating off-road and heavy vehicle behavior.
Scripts are easy to use and customize, with no coding required to implement.
It can be used as a base for a game or an addition to an existing one.



* Multiple axles per vehicle
* Realistic powertrain simulation with adjustable gear ratios, power curve approximation, torque calculation and distribution based on grip, etc.

* C#

* Step-by-step manual

* Each axle can steer and each axle can be powered. A number of powered axles can be changed at runtime.
* Change vehicles by left-clicking them.
* ABS system that prevents wheel lock and thus improves braking performance and stability
* Engine and turbine sound and exhaust particle approximation based on engine rpm and load.
* Each customizable field in the editor has a tooltip explanation and a default value for quick setup.


* 3 vehicle prefabs (4×4 SUV, 6×6 military truck and a semi-truck with a trailer).

Now download Off-road Vehicle Physics Kit FREE Unity

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