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Odin Validator

Find and fix errors in Unity with Odin Validator, the most powerful validation tool ever made for Unity.

Odin Validator scans your project for issues and helps you fix them as they happen. It does only what you want, when you want it to, and is flexible, extendible and fast enough to be a crucial tool in any project, whether small, large or enormous.

Requires Odin Inspector

The Asset Store version is for entities or companies with revenue or funding less than $200k in the last 12 months. Enterprise options are available here. Odin Validator is governed by the license agreement at, not the standard Unity Asset Store EULA.

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Live background validation
Extendable issue fixing and bulk fixing
Create and switch between validation profiles
Extremely extendable and customizable
Create rich issue reports with metadata, fixes, scene widgets and more
Use automation hooks to run at play, build or load time
Export validation results to HTML and JSON reports
Highly performant – runs smoothly even in projects with hundreds of thousands of issues


Detect missing references
Detect broken assets
Detect duplicate components
Detect invalid layer assignments
Detect shader compiler errors
Detect broken materials
Detect renderers with invalid materials
Detect invalid transform positions
Detect broken prefab connections
Detect scenes not in build settings
Detect use of obsolete components
Detect missing scripts
Detect invalid UnityEvent methods