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o3n Fantasy Content Bundle

Download o3n Fantasy Content Bundle Free Unity. 

Save 35% with this bundle. (Future fantasy-themed packages will be added to this bundle with price increase but still a fraction of the total individual package prices.)

This package contains all the fantasy-themed o3n UMA assets as a bundle. o3n UMA Races Package and UMA is required for this package to work.

List of packages in the bundle:

– Male Orc Race Variant
– Female Orc Race Variant
– Male Elf Race Variant
– Female Elf Race Variant
– Male Dwarf Race Variant
– Female Dwarf Race Variant
– Male Hooded Robe
– Female Hooded Robe
– Male Fantasy Hair Pack
– Female Fantasy Hair Pack
– Elven Male Clothing Set
– Elven Female Clothing Set
– Orc Helmet

Version Details (1.7)