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NWH Aerodynamics

NWH Aerodynamics is a flight simulation and aerodynamics package for Unity with a focus on realism, ease of use, and flexibility.

NWH Aerodynamics is a part of NWH Physics World – a collection of inter-compatible vehicle simulation assets.

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Key Features

• Detailed flight dynamics system fully based on physics with custom physics sub-stepping solution for high-speed stability.

• Accurate airfoil simulation with 1500+ airfoil shapes.

• Easy to set up and use with detailed documentation. Tooltips for all inspector fields.

Full C# source code.

• Custom inspectors for all scripts based on NWH’s own NUI framework.

• Suitable for a wide variety of aircraft such as multi-engine commercial airliners, small single-engine aircraft, fighter jets, etc.

• Support for piston, turbine, and jet engines in different configurations with propeller and jet propulsion. E.g. turboprop, piston, turbofan, turbojet, jet, etc.

• Support for different control surfaces: ailerons, ailerators, elevators, flaps, and rudders.