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Now We’re Talking!

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‘Now We’re Talking!’ comes with a few sample audio clips taken from our “Pirate Voice Pack” and our “Farmers Voice Pack” to get you started.

Multiple Synty Studios packs were used by kind permission, to create examples of “Now We’re Talking!” in use.



Q. What is NWT?

A. NWT is a Unity prefab which is added onto a game character, vehicle, animal, or animation rig bone (such as a head bone).

Q. Does NWT work with other Unity Assets, like Adventure Creator, Game Creator, RPGBuilder and other assets?

A. Yes. NWT works in a none intrusive way, it looks after itself and only requires you to add voice clips and activate/deactivate the NWT_PlayAudio gameobject. It will work with any Unity based asset. If you are not sure, just ask us on the Discord.

Q. How do you use NWT?

A. Any low polygon character, animal, vehicle, robot, object can have the NWT_Prefab attached to it. The prefab overlays a mouth shape onto the surface of that character and is controlled by activating a gameobject. As long as you can activate a gameobject then you can use NWT.

Q. How does NWT work?

A. Add the NWT_Prefab onto a game character, vehicle, animal, or animation rig bone (such as a head bone). Then add a voice clip for every line of script the character has to speak individually, to the prefab in the NPC_Phases samples list. To activate a voice clip (in the order of the list) simply set the correct ‘Play Phase’ and activate the NWT_PlayAudio gameobject. Once the line of speech has finished playing, simply deactivate and re-activate the NWT_PlayAudio gameobject to activate the next line in the list/script.

Q. Can you move the NWT mouth shape?

A. Yes. The NWT mouth shape is controlled by the LipsPivot gameobject. You can scale, position and rotate the LipsPivot gameobject to where you want the mouth shape to appear on your character.

Q. How many mouth shapes come supplied with NWT?

A. At the launch of Now We’re Talking! we supply three mouth shapes to cover different types of characters. For cartoon characters, mouth shape 1 is often found to be more appropriate. Mouth shape 2 is good for hidden mouths, like behind a beard or perhaps for ‘teethy’ mouths. It is also excellent for mechanical characters, sci-fi or robotic characters, vehicles, large objects such as buildings or rock formations, wherever your imagination takes you. Mouth shape 3 is very much for most low polygon characters, both male and female. It offers a more fluid and normal shaped mouth.

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