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Now We’re Talking!

“Now We’re Talking!” provides a fast way for low polygon characters to have automatic animated mouth movements, in real-time, synchronised to voice clips. It has some other special features too!

Chatterware presents: ‘Now We’re Talking!’ The great new way to give your low polygon characters a voice, so to speak!

Now We’re Talking! (NWT) automatically animates mouths in real-time.

These mouths are overlaid onto your character’s faces to give the impression they are speaking.

Simple to set up:

(1) add the NWT prefab

(2) line up the Lips_Pivot object

(3) add a voice clip to the NPC_Phase list

(4) set ‘Play Phase’ checkbox (add a tick)

your character is now ready to talk!

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Twitter: chatterware_uk

from v 1.08 added control to allow follow on voice clips using a simple addition to a vocie clips filename ( ‘++’ ), also fixed a small index bug.

from v1.07 additional integration with Pixel Crushers Dialogue System – includes NWT Phases.

from v1.06 compatibility with Adventure Creator.

from v1.05 use LIVE microphone input to drive NWT mouths.

from v1.04 they are ready to integrate with Pixel Crushers Dialogue System.

When it is the character’s turn to speak, activate their NWT_PlayAudio gameobject.

YouTube tutorials are available and will have you up and running in very little time ( in under 3 minutes )

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