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Nodes for Shader Graph

Download Nodes for Shader Graph FREE Unity. 

Works with LWRP and HDRP
14 Nodes:
– SSS Color,
– SSS gradient,
– Parallax mapping,
– Parallax Mapping iterrations,
– Parallax Occlusion Mapping,
– PerturbedNormals (World normal with NormalMap),
– FixedViewDirectionTangent,
–  CreateNormalChannel (for individual texture channels),
– CreateNormalFloat (allows to use procedural noises and stuff to create normals),
– IfNode,
–  LightDirection (in unity 2019 – only lwrp),
– Light Attenuation (in unity 2019 – only lwrp),
– Range (procedural shape),
– TilingShape (for convenient tiling shapes).
+ SSS node for Amplify shader editor
+ Light Attenuation node for Amplify shader editor (works in pbr and unlit shader for LWRP)
Female head with material that was shown in the video, download after importing nodes and shaders Link
A plant with material and a separate scene can be downloaded after loading nodes and shaders
Shader Graph 3.0 or higher
If you have any questions or issues with the assets, contact me:

Please before you write a complaint about a new error in Shader graph, check whether there is a bug without these nodes in an empty project, and then write me an email or a forum, I always respond and help.
If you do not like the asset for some reason, I will make you a refund, please contact me directly by e-mail. I can not contact you through the Asset store, so write to the e-mail that I indicated in the description.

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