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Ninja Hero The Complete Multi Platform 2D game

Ninja Hero is a complete multiplatform 2D game with 1200 levels

This template is ready for release. It is optimized for mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile) standalone (Windows PC and Mac OSX), web player and webGL.

How to play?
Just click or tap at any screen position to jump the player, don’t touch the black tiles on the circle and destroy all the white tiles.
You can also play the game on consoles.

Clean, simple and easy to understand commented C# code
Easy to understand, perfect to learn.

This pack includes:

✪ Level manager.
✪ Recycled objects: Spawn pool system (quick and easy object pooling script. This pool manager is made to be as simple to use and setup as making a new game object).
✪ Intro menu and in-game UI system (using the new Unity UI) include and usable in other games.
✪ Sounds (FX and music) are free to use
✪ Easy level generator to generate infinite level numbers.
✪ Completely mobile, desktop and other touch devices ready with our Touch and Mouse Input script using event delegates.
✪ Animated icons and menu, and animated level transitions.
✪ Level creator engine to create an infinite number of circular worlds.
✪ Handles all the hard work: spawners, events, object pools, game status, camera controllers, etc…
✪ Engine a highly customizable, optimized and easy to use solution.
✪ Background gradient shaders to switch the colours smoothly and randomly.