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NGUI is a powerful UI system and event notification framework for Unity (both professional and Free) written in C# that closely follows the KISS principle. It options clean code and easy, minimalistic approach to everything. several behaviour categories are unbroken below two hundred lines of code. For a technologist, this implies a far easier time once it involves operating with the kit — from extending its practicality to tweaking the present one. for everybody else, this implies higher performance, less frustration, and a lot of fun.

NGUI Features

Full Inspector integration
No ought to hit Play to ascertain the results
What you see within the Scene read is what you get in the Game view (fully WYSIWYG)
Component-based, standard nature: attach the behaviours you wish to form your widgets do what you want while not having to code.
Full support for iOS/Android, Blackberry, Win8, WP8, Flash
Flexible event system
Make complicated UIs that take just one draw decision
With the help of NGUI Create your atlases right within the editor, update/modify them at will or import associate degree atlas from the feel Packer.
Support for lighting, traditional mapping, refraction, and a lot of — unleash your creativity!
Support for clipped panels with exhausting or soft edges.
Support for a versatile side table, holding your widgets mechanically push others out of the method.
Support for jap languages with IME input
Built-in localization system
Built-in keyboard and controller support
An assortment of helpful scripts to assist you — from ever-changing a button colour to dragging associate degree object
Simple inbuilt tweening system.
Clean, short, easy and extensively optimized C# code
No DLLs or external resources
Working with NGUI is simply like operating with Unity. Drag & drop ready-made controls like button, checkbox, scroll bar and plenty of others right into the Scene read or create your own employing a Lego-like approach — need the button to scale as you hover over it? Attach the UIButtonScale part. Attach the scripts you would like and zip else. Save controls as prefabs and re-use them anyplace. It’s the Unity-like approach to UI creation.

Price 95$ on Unity Asset Store:

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