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Nautika Spaceship Pack

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This is a spaceship resource pack to include progressively enjoyment into your science fiction situations. Can be utilized as condition props or as a playable vehicle, yet it does exclude any control framework for that reason. Nautika incorporates 2 spaceships by size: cruiser and contender with 2 diverse cruiser forms. A few impacts for motor warmth reenactment are additionally remembered for the pack.


. Cruiser A: 5,8k poly 11k tri

. Cruiser B: 2,5k poly 4,7k tri

. Contender: 1,2k poly 2,2k tri


Nautika Spaceship has been made under unity5 and is full good with worked in standard PBS material. A portion of the maps utilized right now:

. Albedo/shading map

. Metalness/Smoothness map

. Typical guide

. Impediment map

. Discharge/Glow map

. Obscurity map