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Nature Package – Forest Environment

Download Nature Package – Forest Environment Free Unity. 


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This package contains a set of 92 highly detailed prefabs: trees, bushes, grass and flowers.

High-resolution SCREENSHOTS

With its help you can create beautiful Forest Environments.

Vegetation textures Resolution(4K,some 2K-1K)


Polygons Mesh Trees:1700 tris to 13000 tris

Polygons Mesh Bushes:130 tris to 4800 tris

Grass Flowers Mesh:240 tris to 3500 tris

Compatible with:

DE Environment ,Vegetation Studio

Please visit site DE Environment & check documentation for a more complete listing of all the advanced features.

This package contains:


-9 MapleSpringTree

-9 ForestTrees

-16 Bushes

-12 Grass and flowers

-1 LeafDry

-1 LeafDryGroup

-8 ForestSticks

Autumn Vegetation:

-8 MapleAutumnTree

-10 ForestAutumnTrees

-11 AutumnBushes

-4 Autumn Grass and flowers

-1 Swamp Reed Dry

-11 Ground Textures(Diffuse,Normal)