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Natural & Rural Audio Pack

Natural & Rural Audio Pack is a collection composed of 3.000 audio wav files , including 180 original soundtracks loops. All of them SFX sound effects and loops including natural ambiences; OST- short loops; animals, characters, doors, footsteps, impacts, interacts, interactions, leitmotivs, natural rural units and GUI-Pickup-Drops-Drag-Transitions sound effects (Wav Files) , perfect in order to get the ambient for any kind of videogame.

Natural & Rural Audio Pack Demo Reel..

The 180 OST loops are perfectly extracted and looped from Personal & Classical Music Covers Vol.I .

All the sound effects are real, basic and cleaned recordings (clear sound effects) so the developer can make his/her own postproduction (adding the own reverb, delay, echoes…). For some of them they have been applied effects in order to get cartoon or funny sense.

The pack is organized into 3 main folders. The Folder Updates will be created for the next updating.

– Natural Ambiences. 376 sound effects.
– OST- Short Loops. 180 original soundtrack loops.
– Natural sound effects : 1508 sound effects.
– Footsteps : 910 sound effects.

Quality : 16 bit 48.1kHz WAV Mono and 16 bit 48.1kHz WAV Stereo, depending on suitability.

There are included all the basic recording sound effects (perfectly cleaned, arranged, edited and normalized) so the developer can adjust it according to its pleasure, using Unity3D.

Original Sound effects have been recorded at 96 Khz and perfect cleaned – 4 noise reduction filters applied (2 by hardware, 2 by software, Hiss Reduction, Click $ Pops Eliminator Filters).

If you wish another format or quality, not over 96 khz, or you need other different sound effects, please contact me :

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