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NAT Traversal

Download NAT Traversal FREE Unity.

Adds NAT punch-through and automatic port forwarding to UNet.

Simple drop in setup for UNET. You only need three methods: StartHostAll(), ListMatches(), and StartClientAll() to connect. Your other UNET code remains unchanged.

Reduce your use of expensive relay servers by up to 95%, meaning you only spend money as little as 5% of the time! Use Unity’s own calculator to see just how much money you’ll save.

Minimize latency by connecting players directly whenever possible, even behind routers. Optionally falls back to Unity’s relay servers only if NAT traversal fails, so players can always connect.

Direct connect whenever possible
Why waste your hard earned money using bandwidth on the relay servers if you don’t have to? A direct connection means less lag and less dependence on infrastructure that you don’t control.

Seamless connection replacing
Your players will always use the best connection possible, seamlessly switching from relay to direct connections as they become available.

Connect Faster
Gets your players in the game faster by not waiting for a UNET match to be created or joined before connecting.

Host Migration
Fully supports UNet’s built in Host Migration. No more dropped games, even if the host leaves.

Includes a lobby script that exactly emulates UNET’s NetworkLobby.

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