My Synthesizer

My Synthesizer is a Software Synthesizer comes with MML Sequencer that enhances your audio system. it has lots of unique and essential features.

+FM tone generator.
+Sampling tone generator.
+Low Bits WaveTable tone generator.
+SF2 tone generator.
+Original Music Macro Language

Realtime music play!
Procedural sound effect!
Some inconvenience!

*Free version limitations.
High load. (not native code)
There are some delays.
There are not enough tested.
Supports c# only.
Specifications will change to capricious 🙂
#I abandoned the paid version

* Bundle tools
Play ml or Generate wave file.
Convert StandardMidiFile to MyMML.

*Sample Tone
Preset FM tone data are produced by Takeshi Abo.
Web page: VAL-SOUND Url:
Thank you, Mr Abo.

Enjoy downloading paid assets for free assets

These tone data are made for OPM.
There is some difference in OPM and this synthesizer.

Asset Store Link –

My Synthesizer v1.1.unitypackage – 276.86 kBDownload

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