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Multiple Graph And Chart UI Pack


■ World Map: You can easily choose any country and customize the color
■ Bar Chart: Percentage value change, random value
■ Histogram: Percentage value change, random value
■ Label: 3 button states
■ Data Panel: Customizable colors for small area data display
■ Data Display: Hierarchical rotation animation display data, dynamic wave display data
■ Circular Progreess Bar: Percentage animation value display or other value display
■ Location: Used in 2d map scenes or 3d map scenes
■ Line:Nodes can be added at will, and the two nodes will be connected automatically
■ Pie and Doughnut Chart: Modify the color and number of events easily
■ Dashboard: Percentage value display, easy docking of your data
■ Radar(Spider): Radar can be easily driven by data in real time
■ Diagram: Including rotation animation and bubble animation, you can customize the number of events and arrange them freely


— 27 Animations
–8 Demo scenes
–23 Scripts
–3 Fonts
–380 Individual prefabs
–970 Png textures
(from 128px*128px to 3840px*2160px)

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