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Multiplayer VR Template

This asset helps developers convert their single-player VR projects into Multiplayer VR experiences by providing a simple template project using Photon PUN 2 asset as a Multiplayer solution.

!!! Just updated for Unity 2021.3 LTS release !!!

This asset is a Multiplayer VR template that uses Photon- PUN 2 FREE for Multiplayer, Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit for VR functionality, and 2 different half-body VR Avatars for its VR Avatar system.

You can use this asset to create your own Multiplayer Social VR experiences or implement Multiplayer VR into your existing project. It includes the necessary systems for Multiplayer VR such that:

-Login with Playername

-VR Keyboard

-VR Full Body

-Avatar Customization System with UMA 2

-Creating and joining Virtual Rooms by map type

-Two different environments: Outdoor and School

-Full Multiplayer VR Synchronization (Full VR Body Synch)

-VR Player Movement Synchronization including Teleportation

-Networked Grabbing

-Easy Voice Chat Implementation ( Photon Voice 2)

-Editor Scripts for easy Multiplayer testing

-Create Private Rooms with room names as password


Key Scripts:

-MultiplayerVRPlayerSynchronization script

-NetworkedGrabbing script

-RoomManager script