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Multiplayer (STP) Survival Template PRO

This is a MP addon for (STP) Survival Template PRO using Mirror Networking.

Survival Template Pro MP is an advanced co-op toolkit designed for creating multiplayer survival games. It builds upon Survival Template Pro’s modular and scalable features while seamlessly integrating multiplayer functionality. With smooth networking, player interactions, cooperative gameplay, it empowers developers to craft engaging multiplayer survival experiences.

Docs || Discord || Trello || Demo Build

For more information please check the “Technical details” section.


1) You need the base STP 1.3 asset in order to use this.

2) This is only suitable for co-op games as most things are client auth based.

3) Some features are missing in this 1.3 STP MP, as they require the 1.4 version. I recommend downloading the build and checking which features are included before making a purchase. Please refer to Trello for more information about these features and upcoming updates.