You are currently viewing Multiplayer Sky Shooter – 2D Online Shooter (Photon Fusion)

Multiplayer Sky Shooter – 2D Online Shooter (Photon Fusion)

Hey fellow devs out there, this is a sample I created for developers who are interested in learning how to create Online Multiplayer games with the NEW networking solution called Fusion! (made by Photon).

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Things to know! –

* This is a Fusion “host server mode” sample.

* This template requires the networking solution – Fusion

* Highly recommended to come with some background in developing with Fusion or any other networking solution which is similar to a server authoritative development.

Features that are in the sample –

✅ Bullet pooling system (used with fusion object pooling feature)

✅ Leaderboard score for death & kill count

✅ Join random room, create room, join room by code

✅ Player emotes (emojis)

✅ Data is always updated for late joiners

✅ Using Fusion client prediction & lag compensation features

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