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Multiplayer Kit for Hurricane VR (HVR)

“Multiplayerkit for Hurricane VR” is a multiplayer extension for the popular Unity Asset “Hurricane VR”. It offers you an easy way to equip your Hurricane VR project with networking features.

“Multiplayerkit for Hurricane VR” is the perfect solution for game developers looking to enhance their VR games with multiplayer functionality. By leveraging Unity’s “Netcode for GameObjects” networking library, our kit seamlessly integrates with the popular asset “Hurricane VR”, enabling multiple players to enjoy the same immersive gameplay experience in real-time.

With our kit, developers get a solid foundation to build upon, allowing them to focus on game design and mechanics, rather than spending valuable time on complex coding.

Our kit comes with demo assets that showcase the networking functionality, allowing developers to get started quickly and easily.

Networked Features:

???? Synchronized Hand Animations

???? Knives, Swords, Hammers, Crowbars, etc.

???? Bows and Arrows

???? Doors, Drawers, Buttons, Valves, Levers