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MultiFPS – Multiplayer FPS

MultiFPS is a template project designed for creating multiplayer FPS games.

MultiFPS includes all the necessary features that multiplayer shooter needs. Synchronized gameplay, bots, scoreboard, in-game chat, and more

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Key features:

Synchronized FPP controller

8 items: Knife, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, SniperRifle, Grenade, Bomb, Rocket Launcher

Weapon recoil dependent on player movement, represented by crosshair

Melee attacks for every weapon

4 maps, where one of them is showcase for various features

4 Gamemodes: Deathmatch, TeamDeathmatch, TeamEliminations, Defuse

Separate UI for each gamemode


Scoreboard, with kills, deaths and ping

Spectator mode, where you can spectate other players from first person perspective when you’re dead

Taking control over bots in your team when you are dead

Synchronized ragdoll with applying gun and movement force on death

Custom player position and rotation synchronization

Bullet penetration through players and selected environment objects

Object pooler for sparks created by bullet hits and other frequently used effects

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