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Multi-Touch Piano

Download Multi-Touch Piano Free Unity. 
Multi-Touch Piano is a complete project for creating touchscreen keyboard apps for iOS and Android. Out of the box, this asset comes with 2 PIANO SCENES with 88 KEY & CONTROLS, COMPLETE TOUCH SCRIPT, 6 HIGH-QUALITY SAMPLES and a FLEXIBLE SCREEN LAYOUT. It is also a great starting point for making synths and any instrument that can be made by pitch-shifting an audio sample.Give it a try!
Unity WebPlayer DEMOYouTube Video

• *NEW* Scene Added
• 6 Instrument Sounds:
– Scene 1 (Piano, Banjo, Toy Piano)
– Scene 2 (Sine, Square, Triangle)
• Full Piano Script & 2 Scenes
• Dynamic Graphics (see screenshots)
• Auto-Resize to Device Layout
• Easily Customized for Reskinning
• Works with iOS & Android Multitouch Devices