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Muddy Roads Mat Pack

Muddy Roads Mat Pack Unreal Asset Free Download.

1 Modular Substance Material, set up for Tessellation, for use with the Landscape Spline Tool.

29 Material presets generated from that 1 substance Material.

2 basic subdivided spline mesh parts included that you can use with the Materials for the Landscape Spine Tool, or make your own.

Pack comes with a sourcefiles folder containing the substance designer files so if you have substance designer installed you can load up the Material and modify it however you want. Visible through file explorer.

1. Create a blank project (should work with your current project to but starting with a blank project makes sure nothing else is causing problems with it), enable the substance plugin and restart.

2. On restart, go to Edit > Project settings, scroll down to and click on Substance under plugins section.

3. In the substance plugin settings, under the “cooking” tab, switch it from cpu engine to gpu engine.

4. Now exit out of the empty project and install the Substance Material Pack to the empty project, and reopen the project

5. Click on the example map to load up and you should see it compiling the shaders and then everything should be there.

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