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MudBun: Volumetric VFX Mesh Tool

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MudBun is a real-time volumetric VFX mesh tool. It procedurally generates meshes from “brushes” that define shapes, distortion, and surface modification. MudBun can also be used for quick volumetric modeling and provides a convenient auto-rigging feature. Locked meshes, including auto-rigged ones, can be exported using Unity’s official FBX exporter package.

There are various render & meshing modes available with different styles & characteristics. Supported meshing modes include: marching cubes (balanced), dual quads (faster & stylized), surface nets (can blend to/from dual quads), and dual contouring (slower, excels at preserving sharp features, can blend to/from dual quads).

MudBun can be used to create organic-looking meshes, which makes it a great combo with Boing Kit, a tool for producing organic bouncy effects.

MudBun is customizable. Users can extend the framework to create custom brush shapes, distortion brushes, modifier brushes, and shaders. It is also possible to define custom rigging logic for the auto-rigging feature.

Using a special data representation, MudBun frees users from worrying about the constraints of a finite voxel grid when working within typical game settings.