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Mouse Interaction – Object Highlight

Download Mouse Interaction – Object Highlight FREE Unity. 

You are the glow !

Webplayer available here !

Update 4.0

– Possibility to hold the mouse interaction when clicking on the object
– New option : Don’t exit the interaction when clicking through UI element
– External interaction can be called with specific method
– Events availables to be called when enter/exit the interaction
– Many minor issues fixed, more details in the release notes
– Added a demo scene to check any interaction available
– Documentations update

Update 3.0

– Distance of interaction is now customizable
– Grouped interaction is now supported
– Auto-resize setting available for the text of the tooltip
– Customization of the mouse cursor when the object is interacted
– Fix the non-desired gap of the tooltip text when the camera is far away
– Now system support multi-materials object
– Documentations update

Update 2.0

– New Interaction mode (Touch/Click)
– UI Panel for the tooltip is available
– Now the tooltip can be fixed to the object (instead of the mouse)
– Animation played when the object is interacted
– Custom inspector view (MouseInteractionEditor script is available in the Editor folder)
– New warning system for checking errors
– Disabled sound on the webplayer
– Documentations update


The Mouse Interaction – Object Highlight system allows multiple interaction between objects and mouse / center of screen / touch.
This system adds an effect of highlight to objects hit by interaction (mouse, center of the screen or touch/click) and a tooltip can be displayed near this object.

Highlights, tooltips and all other settings are completely customizable for all applications you want (point’n’click, first-person rpg, first-person adventure, fps, hidden object, escape the room and so many games you’re able to develop)

Three ways of interaction (mouse, center of screen and touch/click)

A simple list is available for switching between the three interactions.
Mouse interaction allows objects to interact with the mouse cursor.
Center of screen allows objects to interact with the center of the view (like first-person games)
Touch/click allows object to keep interacted with a simple click (or touch for mobile users). Another click/touch (in or out) can remove the interaction.

Highlight effect is completely customizable

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