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Mountain Trees – Dynamic Nature

Download Mountain Trees Dynamic Nature FREE Unity.

Pack support unity:
– Unity 5.6
– Unity 2017
– Unity 2018
– Unity 2018 LW SRP
– Unity 2018 HD SRP

Mountain Trees Dynamic Nature contains 8 PBR in 63 prefabs. (39 standard prefabs + 24 vegetation studio prefabs). Trees could be placed in a forest (special forest tree versions) or as standalone. All trees work perfectly with unity terrain and Vegetation Studio system (separated prepared prefabs). They are carefully optimised and created from scanned data. Trees have low overdraw, draw call usage and are very cheap in the render. All trees contain very advanced wind shading. Trees could be overlayed dynamically by snow, this feature also gives you the ability to adjust snow amount on trees at static scenes.

We prepared 3 kinds of trees:
– normal: where 4 from 8 trees have 2 bark materials for cool blend at bark
– cheap where all trees have 1 bark material (less draw calls) and all trees could use the same leaves and bark. This means that 8 types of trees will be batched together (very low draw calls for the whole forest).
– normal with dynamic snow
– cheap with dynamic snow
– normal with static snow
– cheap with static snow

Please download Mountain Trees Dynamic Nature version for 2017 on unity 2017+, 2018.3+ on unity 2018.3+, and 5.6 at unity 5.6. Shaders for trees are compiled separately for both engine versions (unity changes). Set linear render or adjust (decrease colours) for gamma.

All cheaper versions of trees could be batched together so draw all usage will be decreased dramatically even with 8 types of trees at the scene.

In our pack you will find 4 aspects:

1) Different stages of trees like:
– plant
– small
– medium
– 2 big standalone
– 2 forest trees (less tri and shadows on the ground)
– dead tree

2) Mountain Trees Dynamic Nature contains Group of textures for trees (compressed in Albedo/Alpha; Normal; Metallic/AO/Smoothness) for cheaper GPU render and less memory usage:
– snow set (5 textures)
– 14 bark sets (45 textures)
– leaves (4 textures)
– 16 cross texture sets (32 textures)