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Motorbike Physics Tool

This package is for anyone who wants to use a motorbike and player model they own and quickly turn it into a drivable motorbike without having to write a single line of code.

Package Description

In this tool it allows you to use any bike model you own and turn it into a drivable motorbike without the need to write any code. Great for those who want to have bikes in there game without wanting to learn how to make them.
Demo available to download on windows on

Package Contents

The Project contains 18 pre-written scripts and a few thousand lines of code to save you from creating your own bike physics, camera controller, bike selection, Nitrous, Speedo and more.

The project contains a rigged character you can use or feel free to swap it out with your own.

Skid marks, tire smoke and skid sounds are all supported, only the skid sound isn’t included