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MonKey – Productivity Commands

Download MonKey – Productivity Commands FREE Unity.

MonKey is the ultimate productivity booster and workflow enhancer for Unity, giving you the easiest and the most efficient way to use the editor thanks to its clever command manager!

Search, Select, Rename & Create faster, and enjoy a smoother editor experience with the smartest Monkey in the Jungle.

We just released a new plugin called Grabbit! You can check it out over there!

New in 2020.1:
Advanced Search Option to search by field values or references!

Improved Scene Commands for more efficient level design!

Come to our Discord channel if you have questions!

Inspired by systems seen in Zbrush, Houdini, Blender, or Resharper, MonKey gives you direct access to time-saving and advanced commands for artists, designers, and programmers.

MonKey removes the hassle of having to do repetitive or cumbersome tasks or to navigate lengthy menus: type your commands and get the job done faster!

⭐Useful Links⭐

◽Our Website
◽Our Manual
◽Our Facebook Page

⭐Feature Highlight⭐

✔️ More than 130 commands for Designers, Artists and Programmers
✔️ Custom Commands with Attributes
✔️ Super Quick Fuzzy Search
✔️ Hotkeys Manager
✔️ Powerful Parametric Commands
✔️ Interactive Commands for Level Design
✔️ Supports Menu Items from Unity & Plugins
✔️ Integrated Command Helps & Human-Friendly Naming
✔️ Full Undo Support
✔️ Great Performance & Optimized for Large Projects
✔️ Command Validation
✔️ Flexible Interface
✔️ Ordered Selection
✔️ C# Editor Utilities
✔️ Active Support and Command Roadmap
✔️One Cute MonKey!

⭐In Details⭐

✔️ More than 130 commands for Designers, Artists and Programmers
MonKey comes packaged with commands made to fit the needs of all Unity users.
They cover functionalities such as:
◽Object Creation
◽Object Finding
◽Scene Management
◽Level Design
◽Scriptable Object
◽And much, much more: Check out the list of command here!

✔️ Custom Commands with Attributes
Use attributes for a super fast and code independent way to write new commands with advanced customization, and parameters supported.
Simply add an attribute to a static editor method, and it will be available in MonKey!

✔️ Super Quick Fuzzy Search & Great Performance
Our custom search algorithm provides the best human-ready experience!
Multiple ways to access commands including hotkeys, quick names and keyword search.
Monkey is optimized for large projects or big command amount.

✔️ Integrated Command Helps & Human-Friendly Naming
MonKey’s interface includes help for all the commands and names them in order to be quickly understood.

✔️ Hotkeys Manager & Quick Names MonKey detects hotkey conflicts between commands and with menu items, and displays them in search.
Use quick names for a fast alternative to hotkeys!

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